Mario Adorf will visit Ambiente to make a culinary tour

Mario Adorf will visit Ambiente to make a culinary tour


Mario Adorf will visit Ambiente to make a culinary tour

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Actor Mario Adorf will visit Ambiente, the world’s biggest consumer-goods fair in Frankfurt am Main on 15 February and undertake a ‘viaggio culinario’, a culinary tour. “The culinary arts and the pleasure of dining with others is an important part of my life. Moreover, I love discovering new things although traditional Italian cuisine is my first love”, says Adorf about the planned tour.

In Germany, Mario Adorf symbolises ‘la dolce vita’ and, therefore, the Italian way of life more than anyone else. He is the son of a German mother and an Italian father, and deeply attached to both his home countries. Thus, after growing up and training in Germany, he lived in Rome for a total of forty years. With well over 200 German, Italian and international film and television productions to his credit, Mario Adorf is world famous and has worked with stars such as Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Romy Schneider, Marcello Mastroianni and Charlton Heston. The connection between Italy and Germany means he can also build bridges between the two cultures at Ambiente: la bella Italia is the Partner Country of this year’s edition of the world’s leading consumer-goods fair.

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