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KantoorVak Trends & Design your magazine for information about all things that concern the market

KantoorVak Trends & Design is for over 30 years the one and only trade magazine for the whole office trade and related (like wishing cards, stationery, office supplies, Back to School products and gifts) in The Netherlands.

Our Mission Statement is to give the whole trade a mandate for daily business in the (near) future thus striving to help and support people in their daily business. This means that we think in advance about the things one reader might need.

Role of a modern trade magazine in the current landscape
The media landscape changes. People get their information on different places. Especially the digital highway, like Internet, seems to be an endless source of information.

The main problems are:
1) Information that is found is hard to judge and to check on actuality.
2) Some sources might give opposite information which is brought to you as a reality.
3) You might not get full information.
4) The sender remains unclear so that one can never check the correctness of all information.

The role of a professional trade magazine is to give independent and complete information. KantoorVak Trends & Design does this.

This is what KantoorVak Trends & Design stands for:
KantoorVak Trends & Design consists of a broad range of monthly issues. Furthermore we bring all actualities about the market.

The Coverstory: Is a monthly changing subject about any actuality or a business project.

SOHO (Small Office Home Office) 

Tells our readers all about office supplies, paper, and machinery inclusive of computers, stationery and office

Retail Connected tells about retail for B2C and B2B.

Het Gesprek: Consists of an interview with someone who is or whose trade is in the middle of the actuality.

Apart from the here called items we monthly give attention to actuality through items such as Journaal (journal) and De Etalage (shop window) and Branchenieuws (news from the trade) and of course we aim at the actualities nationwide and internationally.
To say it shorter, KantoorVak Trends & Design aims at everybody who is in these branches and is looking for a complete and independent view on the trade.

KantoorVak Trends & Design comes 10 times a year and would cost you € 75, =

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KantoorVak Trends & Design januari-februari 2020

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